Be your own DJ

There are some times when you are throwing a party or some type of event and would love to have a DJ, but do not have the budget for one. My DJ Tunes has a solution.
You can rent our PROFESSIONAL SOUND AND DJ EQUIPMENT, plug in your IPod, laptop, home stereo system or use one of ours to get your party moving and grooving.

It will cost you less than half the price of using a DJ but with the SAME sound system one of our DJ's would bring to your event.  We use on the best in DJ sound equipment with such manufactures as Peavey, Numark, CSC, Crown, Bose, JBL, and Denon, to name a few. We use nothing but the best.

The DIY DJ process is simple:
Contact us today to discuss the date and time of your event.  We will make arrangements to have ALL the equipment dropped off, setup and pre-tested for your event along with a mini training session to get you comfortable for your DJ performance.

Once the event of over - we will come, we will pack, and we will take it away.  No need for you to do anything other than have a great time, while you DJ your event.

We also have an on-call DJ professional that you can reach anytime throughout your event if you have any questions or need to request an extension.

Some other items we offer for your event are:

* Karaoke Equipment
* Video Projectors
* Lighting Effects
* Disco Ball(s)
* Fog Machine/Bubble Machine
* Dry Ice Effects
* Cotton Candy Machines
* Snow Cone Machines
* Moon Bounce Equipment
* Much More....

Call us today at (703) 407-5806 to reserve your equipment!

*Security deposit required: The security deposit is determined by the actual value of the equipment being rented.  If you are leaving the security deposit by credit card, the actual card holder must be present and have a valid identification at the time of rental. Rentals must be paid at time of rental.

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